The Blog Collection – Week 1

Well my first week in the blogging world is coming to an end, and what a week it has been. I thought it would be fair to share some of the other blogs and articles that I have been reading this week.

First though a shameless plug, my debut post was a look at the merits of a degree in journalism compared to an NCTJ course. As it was quite early in my blogging career some of you may have missed it. But don’t despair you can read it at this link.

Following on from that, the guys at Wannabe Hacks have drawn in an expert poster in NCTJ courses to discuss its benefits. Rhys Hayward is a 100%er having passed all of his exams in the NCTJ preliminary course (incidentally at the same centre I am currently studying) and gives his opinion on the worth of shorthand, news writing etc.

Talking of shorthand, Andy Dickinson caused quite a stir (of which I was a part) by suggesting that the squiggly skill may not be essential in this day and age. Have a read here, including the debate that followed in the comments section.

And finally anybody feeling worried about the NCTJ’s pedigree in the wake of Roy Greenslade’s article would be advised to read this quite reassuring summary, written three days before the Guardian piece, from NCTJ accreditation board chairman Chris Elliott. Most reassuringly he said:

“NCTJ students and trainees are on the path to being good journalists and can work across any medium and are highly employable.  Editors know that NCTJ-accredited courses produce trainees with the fundamental skills for the newsroom. Even more importantly, students are not short-changed.”

If you have any other articles of interest, please get in touch below or contact me on Twitter.


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