The Blog Collection – Week 2

First up this week is a piece by Martin Belam on which looks at the fear of a newsroom to publish viewing figures of their work. He says:

“The point of measuring and understanding an audience behaviour surely has to be to better deliver your news values.”

It’s a decent piece and a point that is well made. There is a look to the future as well when young journalists, fresh from their YouTube accounts and blogs, will enter the media having been entirely used to having their reader numbers displayed in public.

While I am still new to the blog world, I have been reading up a lot on tips about getting more traffic and keeping readers updated. This article is the latest to fill my screen about how to break a story (or post). In terms of journalism it is quite interesting to see how they advise you to break a news story.

In a topic a little closer to home, Fleet Street Blues followed on from my top five tips for work experience with some advice of their own. All useful stuff and there are some tips there that I didn’t include. Well worth a read, if only for the last comment.

Finally, a story that I am sure most of you would have seen. It turns out that Apple are quite difficult to get hold of for a quote, Steve Jobs on the other hand….

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