Blog Collection – Week 3

There have been some fascinating posts out there this week. Here is just a sample of what I have been reading.

If you are wondering what the values of a journalist are, or if you just need reminding then take a look at this post from Bill Carmichael. Ten ways you know you are a journalist, they are all simple but quite easy to forget.

There was a fascinating insight into an editors view on the NCTJ qualification posted by Andy Bull here. There are some interesting videos incorportated into the post as well.

A very revealing Q&A on with award winning broadcast journalist Adam Westbrook. If for nothing else, read it for his answer to the last question about whether or not the NCTJ should change their approach to course content.

And finally a fierce debate arose this week at Wannabe Hacks about the Guardian student media awards. “The Student” voiced his concerns with the structure of the awards and its judging panel and so far the debate has raged through the article’s 35 comments. Why not add your thoughts?


2 Responses to Blog Collection – Week 3

  1. The Student says:

    Cracking few links Matt, particularly the Andy Bull site, which I don’t think I’d visited before. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of it, keep up the good work

    • Matt Wiggins says:

      Thanks. Andy’s site is a recent discovery for me too. He has some really good tips including a series that gives a helping hand in getting a job in a wide range of publications.

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