What To Do After The NCTJ’s pt 4 Availability

It seems so simple but you never know when an opportunity may crop up, but you won’t be able to capitalise on it if you aren’t available.

Some people, myself included, have to earn a living outside of journalism while they hunt for their first break. It can be difficult to try and get time off at short notice for interviews and calling in sick always causes problems, not least remembering what excuses you have used.

Try to arrange the interviews for a week in advance, if possible, and save at least five to ten days of your holiday for those occasions.

It’s not ideal but missing out on a few days holiday is definitely worthwhile if it means landing your first job.

Availability doesn’t just extend to interviews either. If your networking is paying off then, fingers crossed, you will have the opportunity to do the odd article here and there, and being able to say yes shows your commitment and your desire to work.

Advice on keeping yourself available can’t really be better put than by TV journalist Sarah Moore, guest posting on wannabehacks.co.uk:

If you don’t say yes to rushing out in the middle of the night to report on the flash floods, they won’t again. That’s just the way it goes. Say yes to everything and resign yourself to living in the newsroom.

You can read her full post here, which includes some great pointers.

Join us tomorrow for the final piece of the “What to do Next” series which handles the art of staying patient.


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